Guttering & Drainage

Guttering & Drainage

All our verandas, garden rooms and carports come with integrated guttering and drainpipes. The drainpipes are hidden within the posts, to provide a truly contemporary look. These can be linked to existing rainwater drainage systems by our team of installers or to rainwater buffering solutions such as Hydrorock® infiltration blocks.

You will have the choice of several guttering profiles:

· Clasic
· Giga
· Round
· Vlac


Hydrorock® infiltration blocks buffer and drain surface- and rainwater in an environmentally friendly way with a capacity of as much as 94% of its volume. The blocks are made of a 100% natural material: rock wool. Melted rock that has been spun into fibres and subsequently shaped into a block, wrapped in a membrane of erosion-resistant filter cloth. A Hydrorock® block has a very large net volume for optimal drainage, infiltration and storage capacity. Oneblock with a volume of 360 litre can buffer as much as 340 litre of water for drainage- or infiltration purposes. The blocks can be attached easily. Dependent on the installation direction the blocks are treadable and rideable up to 2000 kg per m2.


When positioned horizontally, the fibre structure of the Hydrorock® blocks provides an excellent drainage. Vertical positioning of the Hydrorock® blocks on the other hand, allows for buffering and gradual release to the surrounding soil. The wrapping of the filter cloth, that functions as a membrane, plays an important role in this process. A top layer of app. 20-30 cm of Hydrosoil®enhances the effectiveness of the infiltration blocks. The infiltration blocks are available in different sizes with buffer capacities varying from 34 up to 340 litre. The load bearing capacity is up to 2.000 kg per m2

Easy Installation

Hydrorock® is available in slim blocks of different sizes. For separating rainwater or the prevention of flooding by drainage and infiltration only small trenches need to be dug. This not only reduces the amount of digging activities but also limits the impact on the environment and the costs for the removal of the surplus soil. 


The blocks can be easily attached together and thus they form the right size of rainwater buffer that is suitable for the desired capacity and situation




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